Changing Circumstances, Souvenir Dolls, NY, 2008 - Country Living, 2016 - Snow Globes and Candy Box, 2006 - Conspiracy Theories, 2004 - Masks and Action Heroes, 2003 Fairytales Interrupted, 2001
Japanese Fisherman, Red Hook, 2013, 33"x44", archival ink jet Czech Kitchen Witch, Future Site of Whole Foods, Gowanus, 2012, 33"x44", archival ink jet Hawaiian Dolls, Greenpoint, 2013, 33"x44", archival ink jet Japanese Landscape Painter, Hamilton Bridge, 2019 Eskimo, Williamsburg, 2019 Peruvian Mother and Child, Hudson Yards, 2018 Horus, Lower Manhattan, 2018 Jamaican Doll, Bushwick, 2018 Indian Farmers, Car Park, 9th Avenue Peruvian Doll, Smoke Shop, Curry Hill, 2018 Vietnamese Doll, Midtown Giftshop, 2015, 33"x44", archival ink jet Indian Doll, Ford Foundation, 2014 Italian Doll, Times Square, 2011, 33"x44", archival ink jet Aruban Doll, Sheeps Meadow, 2018 Israeli Couple, UN, 2014 Navajo Eagle Dancer, Calvary Cemetery, Queens, 2016 African Doll, Red Hook, 2018 Guatemalan Worry Dolls, Horse with Flamenco Couple, Bushwick, 2015 Mexican Lady, with totem pole, Sunset Park, 2017, 33"x44", archival ink jet Gondolier, East River, 2020 Japanese Drummer, Brooklyn Bridge, 2016, 33"x44", archival ink jet Indian Doll, Staten Island, 2018
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