Changing Circumstances, Souvenir Dolls, NY, 2008 - Country Living, 2016 - Snow Globes and Candy Box, 2006 - Conspiracy Theories, 2004 - Masks and Action Heroes, 2003 Fairytales Interrupted, 2001
Cowboys and Indians, 2000, 40"x30", Archival Ink Jet Hand with Shadow, 24"x20", Archival Ink Jet, 2001 Patriotic Lady, 24"x20", Digital C-Print, 2000 Veiled Face, Rug, Ferman, 28"x22", Archival Ink Jet, 2000 Chador with Firman, 36"x30", Archival Ink Jet, 2000 Globe, 36"x30", Archival Ink Jet, 2000 In the Forest, 36"x30", Iris Print, 2000 Statue with Rectangle, 36"x30", Iris Print, 2000 Veiled Woman in Mosque, Digital C-Print, 25"x21",  2000
New York NY 10018